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A great spy needs to be resourceful to accomplish any task. We’re going to use lollipop sticks, spoons and duct tape to move mini marshmallows cargo across enemy lines.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a spy? Then Spy Bash is the birthday party for you! The Bash begins with each guest checking in for Spy Training where they’ll have to pass their “background check” to get fingerprinted, be given a top secret agent name and learn a secret handshake. 

Spy Bash

Spy Bash is a fantastic party for kids of all ages and is essential for anyone who wants to learn how to become the ultimate spy! 

Ready to report for duty and start your spy training? Affirmative. Submit your correspondence at the Book Your Bash page.

Now of course, every Bash needs cupcakes but these agents are going to have to work for theirs. They’re going to need to work together and complete 3 secret agent tasks to get the combination numbers to open the locked up cupcakes. Agents will need to break a secret code, solve a clue challenge and complete an agility test to free the treats!

Training will start with blow darts (Q tips) where the agents will test their skills to see how many points they can rack up on the practice range.

Bash Parties BBB Business Review

A spy is nothing without their equipment which is why each guest will go home with a Spy Kit that includes spy glasses, mini flashlight, fake mustache, magnifying glass, note pad and invisible ink pen.

Bash Parties BBB Business Review