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Next is the amazing talents of Mad Science of the Capital Region! The birthday boy or girl can pick from one of four presentations:

Mad About Blue! 

This birthday party lights the way for an hour of dazzling demos and awesome activities! Electrically excite the gas in tubes with the Tesla coil. 

We'll start off our Science Bash by checking into the "lab" and getting our lab badges. Then we'll complete our first hands on experiment making fizzy rainbows!

Energize It!

‚ÄčParty-goers will participate in energetic activities including lightning-fast siphon chains, crackling static relay races, a hot hands dance, and popping hot chemical reactions.

Science Bash is great for boy and girl scientists (and don't tell them, but they might actually learn something!).

To book your Science Bash or to get more information, just head over to our Book your Bash page or give us a call at 518-788-8950. 

After our slime, we'll challenge our scientists to a science quiz game, complete with game show buzzers and, of course, prizes!


you can add on an additional activity from Mad Science for $40 and choose from the following:

Reactions in Action!

This birthday party is sure to catalyze a reaction with kids! See the light side of chemistry when chemicals mix to create a blue glow.

It's not a Science Bash without slime! After the Mad Science does their magic, we'll make some slime (with take home jars for everyone).

Put on your goggles and get ready for an explosive Science Bash! We've teamed up with Mad Scientist of the Capital District to bring an extra special Science Bash to you! 

Note: the pricing for a Science Bash is different from our other Bashes, but you get two party entertainers in one! Pricing for the Science Bash is $320 for the first 10 kids, $20 for each additional participant

Air Blast!

Air Blast - This birthday party is an action-packed time of exciting exp-AIR-iments! Hold on to your hats for the air-shooting Megazooka.

Science Bash

Mad Science of the Capital District Add Ons

  • Hovercraft Rides (need electricity)
  • Science of Cotton Candy (need electricity)
  • Putty making
  • UV Reactive Bead Keychain making
  • Rocket Launch (cannot be done in thunder and lightning, need a sizable yard with tree clearance)

*Add any activity for an additional $40 per activity*

We'll wrap up our Science Bash with cupcake and test tubes with candy for decorating! Our Scientists will all go home with their slime and a science goody bag with includes Pop Rocks, googles, a test tube and their lab badge

Bash Parties BBB Business Review
Bash Parties BBB Business Review