This party is great for fierce and mild competitors alike and it provides great entertainment for parents who get to watch the kids participate in all sorts of silly challenges - everyone walks away a winner!

Game Bash is also a fantastic party for corporate retreats! It's a great team building opportunity by encouraging communication, team work and strategy. The Prize Booth can be customized to more age appropriate prizes, like Starbucks™ gift cards - contact us for details!

  We're playing non stop games so everyone will have ample opportunity to earn all sorts of points to use at the end of the party at the Prize Booth which is designed like an arcade prize table. The Prize Booth is set up before the party starts and is fully stocked for each participant to leave with some awesome gifts.

As the guests arrive everyone will make their own Game Bash Felt Pennant that we'll hang up at the party and they'll take home to remember your awesome party!

Get pumped, it's game time! Game Bash is a non stop game party where we'll play all sorts of games to earn points. And what can you do with their points? Redeem them at your very own Game Bash Prize Booth of course!

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Game Bash

In this non stop game party your Game Bash Referee will lead you and your contestants through all sorts of contests from individual skill challenges to team competitions.

  All those games can take it out of you, so we'll wrap things up with some awesome game themed cupcakes!