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After the Taco Truck Game, we'll tap into our creative side and make a Fiesta themed craft! The birthday boy or girl can select one craft from below to make at their fiesta! (Not pictured but coming soon - Sugar Skull Tote Bag & Flower Headband)

Now's the moment you've all been waiting for - it's piñata time! And this is no ordinary piñata, it's the Bash Piñata Wall! We'll go one by one and everyone will select their own piñata to pull open. They all have different prizes and candy so each one is a surprise! The best part - no sticks so no one gets "accidentally" hit!

Fiesta Bash

We'll wrap up our Fiesta Bash with a dance party with party lights (and maybe even a freeze dance version of the Mexican Hat Dance)! 

Fiesta Bash is great for boys and girls of all ages (especially fans of the latest Disney movie *wink wink*). To book your Fiesta Bash or to get more information, just head over to our Book your Bash page or give us a call at 518-788-8950. 

All of these activities can make you work up an appetite so we'll create taco cupcakes! We'll bring all of the supplies and walk everyone through making their own taco cupcake! They're almost​ too cute to eat!

Next we'll play the Taco Truck Game! You and your team are in charge of a food truck named Café de Cumpleaños (Birthday Cafe) that you'll drive around town (the game board) and use to collect taco ingredients. You can earn extra pesos for your truck with Guac Cards. Each Guac Card has some sort of loco challenge to complete which makes for a lot of laughs! The team with the most pesos at the end of the game gets first picks at the Piñata Wall!

A Traveling Event Company from Troy, NY that sets up, hosts and cleans up activity based parties at your location!

¡Ole! Fiesta Bash is ready to guac your world! This Bash is all about the fun of a fiesta! We'll get things started by coloring in sugar skulls to add to our vivid party decorations.

Bash Parties BBB Business Review