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Once we've untapped our artistic inspiration we'll make two awesome crafts that your guests can take home! We can customize any of these crafts to your tastes - whatever colors, themes or designs you'd like! We'll bring plenty of supplies so everyone will have the opportunity to make each craft their very own. All of the crafts are at the bottom of this page, you can select one craft from Group A and one craft from Group B, but if you have something special that you'd like to make just let us know and we'll do our best to make that happen!

Art Bash is a great party for artists and amateurs alike and because there's lots of colors and patterns to choose from, there's something for everyone! See the crafts below and let us know 1 item from Group A and 1 item from Group B that you'd like to make at your Bash!



We'll get our creative juices flowing by using sketch pads and we'll play some drawing games, like the dice game where a roll of the bones determines what you'll draw next and we'll complete some challenges like draw a house with your eyes closed.

Art Bash is all about creativity and it's a fantastic birthday party idea for kids! During this party all of our games and activities are about making pretty things that you'll actually use! The party space will have art inspired decorations and each person's seat will have a mini easel with their name. As guests arrive we'll paint a GIANT Happy Birthday banner that we'll hang up as part of our party decorations.

Art Bash

We'll wrap up our party with some DIY art cupcakes! Each participant will get their very own tie dye cupcake to decorate as they'd like with sprinkles and candy and we'll eat them at the party - no cake necessary! (Unless you want to, I mean you can never have enough cake.)‚Äč

Nothing catching your eye? Let us know and we'll come up something custom just for you!  

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Bash Parties BBB Business Review